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We Are Romans

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We Are Romans are an exciting electronic three piece reigning from Auckland, New Zealand. Formed in the Winter of 2008, James (guitar/keys/vocals), Timmy (Vocals/keys) and Brian (keys), have been writing energetic, emotive music that is both meaningful and catchy. Their diverse musical backgrounds which ranges from post hardcore to IDM, can be attributed to their unique sound. As opposed to a lot of conventional pop that is catchy but void of any real substance, We Are Romans produces music that is fun whilst still maintaining integrity. Music you can dance to, yet don't have to be ashamed to admit you like. The We Are Romans sound may be ladened with infectious poppy hooks and choruses, but it's not sugary sweet enough to rot your teeth, and still has surprising bite.

We Are Romans' debut single Draw The Lines is receiving good rotation on Kiwi Fm and their music video will soon be coming to a TV near you.


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Draw The Lines

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