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Slowly, as our eyes adjust to the immense white light in the room, exaggerated by the smooth shiny surfaces, we can see a robotic figure lying on a bench in the middle. The figure twitches, moves, and sits up letting her petite legs hang over the side of the bench. Her head fuzzy, she shakes it as if trying to remember something. Finally her eyes light up in recognition and she reaches into her pocket. Pulling out a neatly folded piece of silver card, she begins to read.

“Bionic Pixie. You have traveled back in time to the year 2009 as the current music situation is seeking repair. You are the chosen one, as you understand. We believe you have the power to heal the ache of lost love, as you have had your heart broken one to many times. You must use the vigour within you which we know you possess, to invent music mimicking that of the human heartbeat. By using beats and sounds your mission is to merge together the broken and the wounded, the despairing and the lost, the hurt and the lonely, in such a way that there is proof of hope. You are a space cadet making sounds in a tribal land - we need you to take your knowledge and experience of future love to the masses and force their hearts to pulse in sync with yours to create a more melodic environment…” Bionic Pixie grins to herself, Sliding a gleaming CD into the player, she pushes play and lets a barrage of electro-pop, hip hop, dance and punk spew forth. As she pulls on a pair of high top sneakers and strides out the door, it is clear this pixie is ready to kick out your f**kin' speakers to the year 3000 and modify the heartbeatsof the world to beat with hers.

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Love Demolition by Zowie cover art

Love Demolition

Love Demolition features Zowie's gold selling debut single Broken Machine, along with Bite Back, Smash It, and new single My Calculator.