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Barracks formed in early 2010 when Simon, Martin and Kane, having previously been playing together in bands, joined together with long-time friends Hunter and Keir to complete the line up.

Defining their style as Post/Melodic Hardcore, Barracks offers music with depth that maximises the use of every instrument within the band. The use of interesting tempo changes, melodies and hooks, combining with lyrics and vocal stylings that add to the overall effect, Barracks create musical diversity throughout their songs to give the opportunity to discover something new in the music every time you listen.

The first offering from Barracks is an EP featuring four tracks of melody ridden hardcore. Recorded in Tauranga, over six days in a two month period, with Nathan Sowter (Take The Willing) producing, engineering and mixing the EP, and Zorran Mendonsa (New Way Home) mastering the tracks, the final product is just a glimpse of what Barracks is set to unleash in New Zealand and beyond.

Barracks are looking forward to packing their bags and getting out on the road, sharing the passion they have for their music coupled with an energetic stage show.



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Alex by Barracks cover art


Alex is one of four tracks from the We Are The Lions EP release coming very soon. Recorded, mixed and produced by Nate Sowter Mastered by Zorran Mendonsa.