Rob Vegas

Rob Vegas

About the Artist

Rob is a passionate singer, songwriter and producer, emerging onto the world scene with impeccable talent and charisma.

Rob has been an entertainer since he was 5 and has worked professionally in the entertainment industry to this day. He has developed a vocal style reminiscent of Terrence Trent D'arby, Prince and Justin Timberlake - a very experienced vocalist whom has been most notably likened to the vocal stylings of Stevie Wonder.

His production sound is an electric fusion of RnB, Pop, Soul & Hiphop or more commonly known as "Urban". He describes his music as a cutting edge combination of a strong rhythm section with unique and distinctive synthetic arrangements.

He has worked with Chad Beatz (Grammy nominated producer) who gave him his title "Rob Vegas" as he could see the ambition Rob had to make it in the entertainment industry even if he had to be "Rob Vegas". Predominantly he has worked with Moonlight Sounds label owner Shae Sterling (Maisey Rika) in New Zealand.

Hes had 4 single releases in NZ titled "Bubblegum" (coupled with a successful remix by Mikael Wills charting no.1 on Bop FM and playing in London clubs), "Lemme Sip" released in May 2011 produced by Multi platinum producer Hardley davidson (Nelly, Chamillionaire, Akon) " A song for Yue Yue falling" a tribute song he produced entirely himself as a tribute to a young girl in china whom was hit by two trucks and left for dead and his latest self produced track "Boys don't cry" which is gaining growing momentum in NZ having entered the iTunes Charts at #70 being played on Nation wide television.

He has also worked with 10Aciouss (Scribe, King Kapisi) on a rendition of a Drake song entitled "Robins Room".


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