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Hikoikoi are a 3-piece roots/rock/soul group based in Petone. Their self-titled debut album Hikoikoi was released on 29 May 2009 through Border Music and has shot to number 4 on the nationwide IMNZ charts.

Hikoikoi's sound is an organic fusion of earthy beats and grooves, peppered with rich harmonic interplay. The tunes are an infectious hybrid of soaring melodic vocals, soulful harmonies, African dance rhythms and sub-sonic roots vibrations. The song writing contains positive conscious messages, and a strong, deep rhythm demonstrating that Hikoikoi live, believe and feel their music. The band's sound pulls on themes from early gospel and roots reggae, blended with jazz and funk grooves, this sound combines to produce beautiful intimate shows in samller settings and a more powerful and expansive sound for outdoor festivals. Hikoikoi's music is fresh and original leaving the minds and bodies of the listeners invigorated with ideas they can relate to.

Hikoikoi's linear jams and driving grooves are a direct calling for listeners to act on their consciousness in our world. Like the lyrics in Jah Armour attest "maybe your rhythm be black, maybe your rhythm be white, but in the end I know we will unite." Their latest radio single Blood in the Sand and supporting video further endorses their commitment to sharing messages of peace, unity and solidarity. Paul Wickham, lead singer of Hikoikoi comments: "Our music speaks of respect for each other and the world we share. It's music for your heart as well as your head."

Hikoikoi have played many festivals in the last three years including Wellington's One Love festival; Nelson Winter festival Grande Finalethe Cuba Street Carnival and The Jackson Street Fiesta, as well as Taranaki's Parihaka Peace Festival, the Rotorua Mardi Gras, Palmerston's North's Festival of Cultures, Auckland Cit'ys Music In Parks and more recently enjoyed an opening slot with Katchafire for the Original Wailers in Porirua.

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Hikoikoi was self-recorded by the band over a three-year period at Sound Reserve Aotearoa, using analogue equipment and old school instruments. Much of the recording took place in a remote ...

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