Black River Drive

Black River Drive

About the Artist

Combining blistering guitar riffage with moments of calm clarity, Black River Drive is the sound of razorwire rock.

Knockout riffs are coupled with strong, melodic songwriting and lyrics thatpull no punches.

Drawing influence from the raw rock’n’roll shake of Queens of the Stone Age and AC/DC through to the nihilistic ferocity of Nine Inch Nails, Black River Drive look set to carve their niche at the forefront of New Zealand rock.

Black River Drive is songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Sam Browne along with Rusty McNaughton (Bass), Mike Tan (Drums) and Matt Stone (Guitar/Keyboard).

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Perfect Flaws by Black River Drive cover art

Perfect Flaws

Perfect Flaws is the debut album from Auckland band, Black River Drive, following on from the success of their singles, Bullet For Your Gun, and Call the Doctor.