Crash Test For Favourite Things

Crash Test For Favourite Things

About the Artist

The phrase "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" is often used in relation to modern music.

Crash Test For Favourite Things are a living breathing embodiment of this concept. Their sound is multi layered and multi textured, yet it's the way that those very layers and textures interact that result in something so remarkably original.

The term "progressive" was almost derisive in times gone by, but it's one that is appropriate and complimentary in this case – and all the more so since the progressive approach is used with an enthusiasm and innocence rarely found in modern popular music.

Their sound is as atmospheric and ethereal as Pink Floyd at their psychedelic peak, yet there is a sub strata as uncompromising as Soundgarden or Tool. Lyrically there is a personal and political challenge as relevant today as in 1968 or 1998 – yet without the direct value judgements of the former. Crash Test in their live setting are a journey into many spaces. Take the trip.

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The Powers That Be (Ep) by Crash Test For Favourite Things cover art

The Powers That Be (Ep)

Recorded at The Rock Factory by Michelle Klaessens Rawstron with additional recording done by the band. Mixed by the group and Angel Joseph Gordon and Greg Percy at Ekadek. Mastered ...