Dylan Wade

Dylan Wade

About the Artist

Innovative guitar player, smooth soulful vocalist, writer of unique songs...

Combining catchy rhythmic percussive feels with insightful uplifting lyrics, from subtle intricate sweet finger picking instrumentals to roots powered funky grooves, it will take you on a musical journey. Infusing new age soul into blues, reggae, folk, funk, jazz, with a stream of consciousness ever-fresh vocal delivery that is truly inspired and comes from Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Dylan‘s music reflects the journey and experience of life in many different environments and cultures.

From the Deserts of the Middle East to the Lakes of Scandinavia to the Himalayan Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and so much more....He's performed and toured internationaly, playing in many different venues and festivals in the U.S.A, England, Japan, Finland...to name a few

Since the 90's he formed,managed and was the front man of several bands and has considerable experience as both a band player and as a soloist.

He has toured extensively around New Zealand and continues to be a part of various unique musical collaborations

His 4th Album ‘Life' receives positive reviews and great feedback from fans.


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Life is an album that spans many styles from roots rock to reggae to psychedelic jam rock to acoustic singer- songwriter to instrumental Jimi Hendrix groove to Indian raga to ...