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Ragnarok was a New Zealand prog-rock band formed in Auckland in 1974.

They released two albums. Vocalist and writer Lea Maalfrid left after the first album. The balance of the band split up in 1977. Personnel for the first album entitled "Ragnarok": Lea Maalfrid (vocals), Andre Jayet Mellotron (Moog synthesizer, vocals), Ross Muir (bass guitar), Mark Jayet (drums), Ramon York (guitar effects, vocals). Personnel for the second album "Nooks": Ramon York (electric & acoustic guitars, vocals), Ross Muir (bass, synthesizer, vocals), Mark Jayet (drums, bass, acoustic guitar), André Jayet (Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, piano, Hammond, drums). Their music could be best described as classic mid-70's psychedelic prog rock.

Lea Maalfrid had a brief early solo career, (inc opening for Joe Cocker on a New Zealand tour, but no longer perform. She has been most successful as a songwriter in London, LA and Nashville, penning among others "You Could Have Been With Me" for Sheena Easton, and "Storm Warning" for Bonnie Raitt. In 2004 she released a 12 song album "Goddess of Love".

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