Silence The City

Silence The City

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Pumping drum beats, grinding and grooving bass, in-your-face riffs and rich ambient guitar tones, all rounded out with melodic sing-along hooks and soaring vocal lines.

Silence The City are a modern alternative rock band, located in Auckland, NZ. Their aim is to make music that makes you go "Shi*t yeah!".

There aren't likely to be too many bands out there where every member has studied audio engineering. For Silence The City, this is what brought them together, and has subsequently lead to the expectation of sonically huge sounding tracks. Each part of every track has been meticulously scrutinised, and doesn't make the cut unless it meets the grade of ‘hell yes, that's cool'. These songs were written to be played live and loud.

With an international fan base growing rapidly by the day, Silence The City is reaching more people than ever with their unique brand of modern alternative rock.


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Resilience (Pre-Order) by Silence The City  cover art

Resilience (Pre-Order)

RESILIENCE is a start to finish, balls to the wall rock album...