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Sleepin' Brains are hot - they are a tight band with a great stage presence. I hope their neighbours love them as much as we do!

Sleepin Brains is a Hard Rock band that has come together from different parts of the globe to produce a solid sound of both melodic and hard rock riffs.

The band was formed in 2004 by founding members Willy and Tommy Iglesias, who, over the last 7 years, have been working constantly to get there music to the world. Hailing from their home country of Argentina stringing together a long list of show's that include some of the biggest names on the world Rock n' Roll/Metal circuit including W.A.S.P, Skid Row, Paul Di Anno (Iron Maiden), Ripper Owens (Judas Priest), Michael Schenker (Scorpions) and Metal Fest 2008 at Pepsi Music Stadium.

In 2010 Sleepin Brains lost their drummer so they decided to move on and try it overseas. When the call came they chose New Zealand straight away.

Teaming up with three New Zealanders: Julian, Mike and Nick; and re-arranging their full discography mixing both Kiwi and Latin Rock music aspects, Sleepin Brains was totally reborn.The first New Zealand gig was at the Rising Sun where they raised funds for the Christchurch's fellow musicians who were affected by the earthquake. They kept on doing shows till entering The Metro Magazine and Red Bull Studio Competition. 93 entries, 12 semifinalist, 4 finalist, 1 Champion: Sleepin Brains.

¨At this point, I was feeling rather tentative, because I wouldn't have been happy voting either of the first groups through to the finals.What if the third band was really terrible? Well, they were, but in a good way.
Hard Rock/Metal has never been my bag, but Sleepin' Brains do it so very well.

This band started out in Argentina, and re-formed in NZ with a few local members, and they take the fun and self-parody of bands like Kiss, Poison and Motley Crue into both their music and presentation. The singer really has his epiglottal screaming moves down pat, they head-bang in unison where required, and they're very, very tight. Yep, Sleepin' Brains are the clear winners.

What really helps is that tonight, the crowd really participated in the band action, and everyone seemed to have a good time. There's even some dancing going on
The grand final's next Sunday. Be there.¨

GARY STEEL, Metro Magazine.

"It's been fantastic and everyone's got in to the spirit of things," Jimmy Christmas says. "Sleepin' Brains are hot - they are a tight band with a great stage presence. I hope their neighbours love them as much as we do!"
Jimmy Christmas, Luger Boa Lead Singer and Judge in the Competition.

Sleepin Brains kept gigging while their songs can be heard in Hauraki Radio and Bfm. The biggest Argentinian Newspaper Clarin (between 20-35 million copies sold a day) wrote an article about the band and New Zealand. Sleepin Brains has become a Direct Link between New Zealand Rock Music and Argentinian Rockers.

After opening for Black River Drive and Luger Boa and being Headliners at a sold out Kings Arms The Argentinian/Kiwi band Sleepin Brains are preparing themselves for recording at the Red Bull Studios Auckland, filming their Music Video and an upcoming New Zealand Tour.


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