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Instrumental in nature, with an intense and well-crafted wall of sound which dramatically rises and falls on a dime, Sora Shima are by no means at a loss from lack of vocals.

Destroy Electronica, the 3rd opus from the Hamilton based band reins in the ferocious nature of their previous releases to craft a solid and intense soundtrack – as harmonic as it is chaotic.

In the vein of artists such as Mogwai and Sigur Ros, those looking for an audible fix will not be disappointed to find that Sora Shima’s live performance really hits the spot. Relax, take it all in, and let your eyes roll back into your head to the transcendent sound of Sora Shima.

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Destroy Electronica

Since it’s inception mid 2006, New Zealand’s Sora Shima has led an interesting life. From humble beginnings in their home town of Hamilton, the band has developed a reputation for ...

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