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Street Chant

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Street Chant is Emily, Billie and Alex (The DHDFDs), who formed back in 2007...

With Mikey Sperring (The Drab Doo Riffs) on drums; and came to the attention of the underground with the pop-grunge nugget Scream Walk, which was featured on Real Groove's 'Awesome Feeling II' CD.

Sperring was replaced by Brown, they changed their name from Mean Street and things really kicked off...

The massive track Yr Philosophy is arguably the biggest local single of the year. They've already toured NZ with their spiritual antecedents The 3Ds and were hand-picked to play around Australia with The Dead Weather.

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n this post-internet era, where jarring sonic changeability is often just as indicative of artistic insecurity as it is mutating-market-savvy, the consistency...


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