The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats

About the Artist

The Aristocrats (not to be confused with the Disney family film "The Aristocats") formed with a desire to create a sound that is completely compulsive, explosive and raw.

Johnny Barker, Cole Goodley, Jared Kahi and Warren Mendonsa headed into the studio early 2010 to write and record Whisky And Requests, leaving their respective instruments behind and
taking on a self indulgent quest to give a home to unloved and unwanted songs.

The result is an album full of grunge, high pitched squeals and noisy, noisy guitars. First single Jonny Jukebox, has found it's way to the airwaves and is sliding its way through late night TV.

This dirty side project has started with a violent bang. The Aristocrats is like a steamroller with 35 clowns on it...pretty fuckin funny until it rolls you over.

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Cue Playback

released 25 May 2011 Recorded and mixed at Batcave Studios