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The Demi Whores were formed when Marcus Francis Joyce approached Edward Gains at the end of one his shows and said "we need to start a band together"...

... gathering in drummer anthony pompeus' garage towards the end of 2001, songs like 'i am evil' and 'not just a michael hutchence song' were formed and the demi whores made their first on stage appearance at the kings arms tavern in auckland, new zealand on saturday october the 13th, supporting the datsuns... after that, many gigs were played, many instruments were broken, but after a triumpent support slot with j mascis, pompeus announced that he had to leave the country... the band continued on, but while many great drummers filled in the gaps, the band was never quite the same... until the demi whores were personally chosen by new york band interpol to play their new zealand tour dates.... pompeus came to take his rightful place on the drumstool, and the demi whores once again found themselves locked in a small room making loud music again, rehearsing for the two biggest shows they had ever played... picking up where they had left off, they scrapped some earlier recordings that were done at hotel vermont, a haunted recording studio located in grey lynn, auckland, and began recording afresh with sound wizard murray fisher... over a period of about 4 days recording, the demi whores had an album, and with fisher at the controls, a heavy, intense, freaked out but extremely well polished recording... a video was made for 'title is untitled' by longtime friend and filmmaker, orlando stuart, who has been following the band with a video camera since 2001, and the album was released on friday the 13th of october, 2006, exactly 5 years to the day of that first show together at the kings arms... the story looks set to continue...

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Volume 1

After many years hacking away at the bloated underbelly of New Zealand's music scene, The Demi Whores have put ten of the best onto their self released debut album, Volume ...

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