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  • The Tiny Lies

    Charlotte Ivey and Harley Williams are 'The Tiny Lies', a New Zealand Alt-Folk act. Hailing from Christchurch, the duo have been writing and performing together since Autumn 2009. The live ...

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    The Tiny Lies
  • Tiny Ruins

    Tiny Ruins are a band based in Auckland, New Zealand. Conceived in 2009 by songwriter Hollie Fullbrook to describe her solo output, the group now includes Cass Basil on bass...

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    Tiny Ruins
  • Topp Twins

    The Topp Twins invited some of New Zealand's finest musicians to play on the album. Martin Winch (Espresso Guitar) brings a distinct new sound to Topp Twins originals with his ...

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    Topp Twins
  • Will Wood

    Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Will Wood is the kind of jack-of-all-trades that is difficult to pin down under one category...

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    Will Wood