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  • Nicole Andrews

    Nicole Andrews is a self-taught pianist and electronic artist whose emotionally charged music has been described as "Simple, stripped back, yet incredibly solid" by NZ Musician Magazine; and The Listener ...

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    Nicole Andrews
  • Olympus

    ...Kraus (The Futurians, Kraus, The Aesthetics, etc) & Stefan Neville (Pumice, Sunken, Teen X-Ray, etc). Their first album is called Bold Mould, and it's a wild one. In the spirit ...

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  • Rhian Sheehan

    Sheehan's music has gained a substantial following here in New Zealand and overseas, reaching out to a diverse audience. Standing in Silence, his first full-length release in four years, represents ...

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    Rhian Sheehan
  • Shima

    His music is a unique form of electronic contemporary music that defies easy categorization. He has produced four albums to date: Not Quite the 21st Century (1999); Tender Loving Rage ...

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  • Signer

    Signer grafts Aspen's distinctive spatial possibilities and organic textures onto the DNA blueprint of the Basic Channel Berlin techno-dub sound. Smith's alter ego allows him to add more cogent rhythm ...

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  • Skymning

      Skymning a Wellington based bedroom producer. Drawing influence from various acoustic and electronic artists, Skymning weaves together melodies with delicate percussion and deep bass to create organic, textural soundscapes. ...

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