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  • The Murder Chord

    Surpassing any normal classification the MurderChord have launched a relentless attack on the live front exposing crowds in lounges, garages, driveways, roller skating rinks, backs of moving (stationary) trucks; crammed ...

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    The Murder Chord
  • The Outsiders

    Released at their first show the EP displays a maturity in songwriting seldom seen in such a new band with undeniably catchy songwriting from start to finish. The Outsiders have ...

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    The Outsiders
  • The Rocket Jocks

    They like The Ramones, The Lillingtons, Star Wars, and Dungeons And Dragons. They've just released their second 8-song EP, Return To Planet X!

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    The Rocket Jocks
  • The Spelling Mistakes

    In their late 70's heyday, The Spelling Mistakes only managed to release one and a half singles reaching number 29 on the New Zealand singles chart. The Spelling Mistakes managed ...

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    The Spelling Mistakes
  • Toy Love

    Toy Love lasted just twenty months. They failed in the most public terms to make an impression in Australia and they left behind one album which they disowned. Not usually ...

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    Toy Love
  • We Dunno

    Their music is a mixture of fasted paced punk rock and squealing 80s glam guitars. They squeezed out several albums over the decade, the latest entitled 'Monstrosity'.

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    We Dunno