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Richard Setford is Bannerman.

A project conceived in the basement bedroom of a Western Springs flat in 2005 and focused on intensely visual and lyrically ambiguous songwriting. A performer with Batucada Sound Machine, The Brood and formerly of the group One Million Dollars, he is now focused on inhabiting a more personal world, one that can often be slightly unhinged, that can bring out the foulest or lightest of thought, sometimes within the same song. Imagine glass blowing giants, detached murderers, dancing corpses, homeless drunks, downtrodden lovers; this is a world that is as confined or as free as the listener allows it to be.

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Dearly Departed by Bannerman cover art

Dearly Departed

The album follows hot on the heels of 2010's debut, The Dusty Dream Hole, which was nominated for a Tui (best cover art) and a Silver Scroll (She Was A ...


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