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Dylan Storey

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Auckland musician Dylan Storey is currently contemplating the form his 4th album will take. He is regularly performing a stripped down version of his "psychedelic blues/country/rock/kiwi" sound around the country, with an acoustic set featuring musical input from Reb Fountain and Sam Prebble (AKA Bond Street Bridge).

Starting with a triumphant set supporting the Mountain Goats at the Kings Arms, this road testing of new material is a process of forming a new sound and direction. Storey is also gigging songs from his critically acclaimed album “Out of the Soup”.

The single Sold It All Away is available for free download!


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Out of the Soup

Auckland musician Dylan Storey didn't intend to write a concept album, it was just what came out of two unemployed summer weeks of all night music vigils, armed with a ...

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