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Edward Gains

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Edward Gains has been busy working on his first album in about 3 years in his cluttered home studio.

The four-track recorder used to record his six previous albums has been put aside in favor of a shiney new white computer, which has allowed Gains to fully open up his twisted mind on an unsuspecting public.

Edward Gains' seven recorded albums thus far are 'Shit Magnet' (96), 'The Girl With 1000 Boyfriends' (97), 'Cacophony' (98), 'Don't Take It Personally' (2000), 'Razorblade Music' (2000), 'Oh, Why?' (2001), and Edweird - An Edward Gains Anthology (2004)

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A collection of Ed Gain's "greatest hits". This 20 song Anthology covers seven albums.

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