Kendall Elise

Kendall Elise

About the Artist

Kendall Elise is a flame haired chanteuse. She entertains with a versatile voice that will take you from sweet tears to belly laughs. Her music speaks of dark humour and personal experiences, inspired by rhythm and blues, folk and country, and everything in between.

She released her debut EP ‘I Didn't Stand a Chance' in March 2017, of which the lead single ‘Heart Full Of Dirt' was a top 3 finalist for the APRA Best Country Music Song award 2017.

Kendall is rounding out 2017 with a nationwide tour in promotion of her latest music video for the title track of her EP.


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I Didn't Stand A Chance  by Kendall Elise  cover art

I Didn't Stand A Chance

Kendall's debut EP ‘I Didn't Stand A Chance' bares the skeletons of her personal struggle between light and darkness.