Lydia Cole

Lydia Cole

About the Artist

Lydia Cole is a singer-songwriter on the rise.

Only just into her twenties, she's already won the support of Neil Finn, who hosted the recording of her EP 'Love Will Find A Way' at his Roundhead studios, playing Wurlitzer on some tracks.

Hailing from the North Shore of Auckland, Lydia Cole has already played a host of live shows in New Zealand and Australia, including Rhythm and Vines, Parachute, 2009's Winery Tour, the Acoustic Church tour with Boh Runga, Greg Johnson and Nathan King, and A Day On The Green supporting Diana Krall.

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Me and Moon by Lydia Cole cover art

Me and Moon

Lydia Cole spent the last 18 months in hibernation, where she turned to her allies - music, art and time - for healing. The outcome is a powerfully intimate collection ...