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Sorceress (formerly Funkommunity) is a band founded in 2011 by vocalist Rachel Fraser and producer Isaac Aesili. From humble beginnings Sorceress quickly evolved into one of the most widely respected Soul Electronica acts in New Zealand (nominated as finalists for Best Electronica Album at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards). Their debut album ‘Chequered Thoughts' was released in 2012 to worldwide acclaim leading the band to tour Europe and Japan. In 2013, expanding on their outstanding debut Sorceress explored new directions in soul electronica, making further studio excursions into synth based jazz textures, deep subterranean basslines and the soulful vocals of Rachel Fraser. Their 2nd album ‘Dose' was released in 2014 by New York based label Wonderwheel Recordings. Sorceress performs live as a 4 piece band including drummer Myele Manzanza (BBE, formerly Electric Wire Hustle) and bass player Marika Hodgson. In 2016 Sorceress toured the UK including performances at Glastonbury Festival and the Jazz Cafe in London.

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