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Their sound is timeless and unique, a sweet blend of funk, soul, hip hop, rap and reggae combined with their own distinct ‘POLY FONK' creation.

Polynesian groove rhythms. Ardijah has traversed the ages and collaborated with many artists and producers, nationally and internationally, to maintain and expand their influence.

Fronted by the beautiful, charismatic, ukulele playing Betty Anne and composer/musician "Captain Fonk" Ryan, this team has proven its success and longevity within the music industry for the past 15 years, producing 4 successful albums TAKE A CHANCE, INFLUENCE, TIME & JOURNEY. Ardijah's music has received Special Guest support from music legends George Benson, James Brown and Quincy Jones.




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The Best Polyfonk by Ardijah cover art

The Best Polyfonk

Iconic Kiwi band Ardijah has released the definitive collection of their distinctive classic hits with the addition of four timeless covers.