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SoccerPractise perform a genre-bending hybrid of trip hop, grime and electronic soul music. ..

Performances include Splore, Oro Fest, Auckland Arts Fest, Vice Parties, Cuba St Carnival, and the Silver Scrolls. The group has toured nationwide with Yumi Zouma and Doprah and supported Aldous Harding and Deradoorian (USA) among others. SoccerPractise's singles have consistently been top 10 hits on NZ alt. radio. The group won ‘Best Electronic Act' at the Dirtbag Radio Awards and ‘Haere Mai E Tama' was the most requested/played song on Dunedin's Radio One in 2016.


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Amene  by SoccerPractice  cover art


Amene takes electronica, indie rock and traditional waiata Māori and puts them through the SoccerPractise grinder to produce something hypnotic and new.