Afternoon Raj

Afternoon Raj

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Party upfront, Party outback.

Afternoon Raj was fused through friends, Hawkes Bay roots, musical consensus, & brain chemistry in 2008. The Raj blend a mixture of classical training, NZSM education and effervescent, fluorescent, adolescent energy to create compositions of real authenticity. The band is a legacy of progressive rock originating from California, with a wide array of influences ranging from Jazz, Dub, Electronica, D&B, Ska, Funk, Latino and World music. Since forming they have been active in the local music scenes, gaining notoriety most recently at the WCC’s EARTH HOUR AWARENESS CONCERT 2009 at Civic Square. Positive vibrations are their focus; encouraging universal change through awareness. This philosophy is expressed in any way as long as its big and bounces.

Expect dance rhythms with insightful messages; rich acoustic and electric tones, epic crescendos, and of course a dam good laky laky time. Get ready for the new thang.

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February Humidity by Afternoon Raj cover art

February Humidity

Since forming they have been active in the local music scenes and released their energetic debut EP in March 2010.