Dave Alley

Dave Alley

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With the well worn Maton guitars, a stomp box, harmonicas and featured percussion, the one man show that is Dave Alley can only be described as full, driving and extremely dynamic - a true gypsy minstrel of genres and styles that defy definition.

The NZ born guitarist that has tweaked his folk blues style through a life on the road inflected with blues, nights under spanish skies, and Irish summer dreams. From Dave's archive of original songs, he has teamed up on the raod with and toured Europe and NZ with Jon Sanders and German violinist/composer/comedian Toni Geiling since 2006 when Jon brought the trio together for a his Latitudes album release tour around Ireland. 

All three are songwriters and virtuosos so the shows are a spectacular display of songcraft and musicianship. Sanders Alley Geiling recorded their first collaborative album "Continental Drift" in 2009.

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