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"Unique and bursting with creative genius" Presto Arts & Culture

Featuring all original music and using the exciting array of instruments such as flute, sax, banjo, marimba, voice, bass and drums - this original world-jazz group is not to be missed!

Mundi has toured and performed at numerous venues and festivals, their most recent being a performance at the Bedford as part of the International Jazz and Blues Festival in Christchurch, April 2010. (Please see review attached). Their tours included one in 2004 to Sri Lanka where they performed, gave workshops and - in collaboration with well known Sri Lankan artists -recorded some tracks of their debut album "Serendipity". Mundi's music is often heard on National Radio, has been featured on the Air New Zealand play list and on Australia's ABC network as well as being showcased on Concert FM's hour long show "Global Sounds".

Presently Mundi is working on recording a new album "In the Blink of an Eye" that captures their exciting new compositions, unique sound and instrumentation. This will be followed by a national CD release tour over summer 2010/2011.

The present Mundi group features some of the founding members of Mundi such as Tamara's brother Tyson Smith on guitar and banjo. Tyson recently finished his own album called "There's Nothing You Can't Pretend" featuring some of Wellington's hottest talent. He is presently the guitarist for Holly Smith.

Tamara Smith - Flutes/percussion. Inspired by her travels to Europe, the Americas and Sri Lanka she blends her love of numerous different genres and that of her flute, creating a soundscape that is truly original. Tamara has performed/recorded with the likes of The Nomad, Departure Lounge, P Bass Expressway, Trillion, Solaa, Electric Wire Hustle and Fiona Pears.

Chris Burke - Tenor sax/ percussion. While living in Sydney, Australia Chris became involved in what has become one of Australia's leading avant-garde music festivals - "The Now Now". In 2003 Chris returned to NZ, lending his talent on the sax to many bands/artists such as Dave Dobbyn, P-Bass Expressway, Departure Lounge, The Oscillators and Tongue N Groove.

Dougal Canard - Bass. An exceptionally talented multi instrumentalist, Dougal has performed in numerous ensembles around New Zealand and spent five years overseas performing on cruise ships throughout the Carribean, the Alaskas, and Europe. He plays piano, trumpet and bass and currently also works as a teacher and arranger in Christchurch.

Douglas Brush - Percussion. Hailing from Chicago, Doug is an extraordinarily versatile percussionist. He received training in classical percussion at the American Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University. In addition to a formal music education, he has studied with percussion masters in Cuba, Spain, North India, South India, North Africa, and West Africa among other locales.

Jeremy Thin - Marimba. When composing her new compositions, Tamara envisaged the sweet sounds of a marimba being added to the group. Jeremy with his experience in the Christchurch Symphony and percussion ensemble Pandemonium was the perfect candidate.

Plus special addition to the group:

Roslen Langton - Vocals. Very much in demand, Roslen sings with LA Mitchell, Mark Vanilau and Sacha Vee. In Mundi's recent Jazz festival concert, Roslen wowed audiences with her beautiful voice on Smith's most recent composition "Indlela Enzulu", written for Roslen and sung in Zulu.


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In The Blink Of An Eye

Mundi's Debut Album.