NZMM 2023 Resources

We have amazing resources ready for you to use in the classroom!


  • "Give it a Whirl - The NZ On Screen website is a great resource for revisiting great TV and film moments from our past, and the library is slowly building. A recent addition is 'Give It A Whirl', a six-part documentary that was originally screened in 2003. It recounts the history of rock 'n' roll in Aotearoa and features such greats as Johnny Cooper, Tim Finn, and Ray Columbus. We have a 4 page schools resource that will ...

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2019 NZ Music Month Calendar

The NZ Music Month calendar of daily activities is being built, week by week, based on materials featured in the Prime TV documentary series, "Anthems, NZ's Iconic Hits".

The activities, most of which are designed to be a 10-minute do-now, are linked here, or at Some are all-ages, others are NCEA targeted so it is advisable for teachers to look one day ahead of real life.



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