Tommy Nee

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About the Mentor

One of New Zealand's bright emerging talents, Tommy Nee has made a strong debut with his
EP Colorblind and Pacific Music Award for Most Promising Artist.

Originally from Hawke's Bay, Tommy attended Auckland Grammar on a boxing scholarship then struggled to support his mother after his parents' divorce. The hardships he endured have shaped his music which NZ Musician magazine calls "guitar-based, soulful music, matched with a certain lyrical honesty and rawness."

Tommy has developed a significant online following with his music videos, including "Feel," filmed in his ancestral home of Niue.

In addition to mentoring with the NZ Music Commission, Tommy teaches youth through the Creative Souls Project. He has also written and released a single to benefit the Lifewise Big Sleepout called "Walk With You."

Teacher Glenn Stanbridge from St Paul's Collge, Ponsonby said,

"As a school with the majority students being Pasifika, our young men related very well to Tommy, due to him being Pasifika and relatively close to their age. Our bass player warmed very well and quickly to Tommy and they understood each other on a musical level."