ABRYZY Releases New Single 'Blue Face'

April 9th 2019

ABRZY (pronounced Ay.Breezy) was hit with the struggle from day one. Growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a young kid, ABRZY was exposed to a lifestyle that would one day spawn his creative muse and allow him to channel visions for a better future.

New Zealand soon became his new home where a young Breezy was able to test out his flow, discover his sound and pave his lyrical pathway.

2016-17 were breakout years for ABRZY, where he released a slew of exciting singles, videos, and took his live performances to the next level, allowing him to open for international artists such as Kid Ink, Tinie Tempah, Lil Yachty and more. In 2018, ABRZY kept his foot on the pedal releasing even more content with his latest song reaching over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

It soon became clear what had to be done. The Tiger is a survival machine with an eye for opportunity. Now back on the scene and hungry as ever, Breezy is ready to sink his teeth into more music, experiment with new flows and flex his claws with some killer wordplay, you might just need a neck brace for that double take. The kid has always delivered in the past and old habits die hard.

ABRZY's latest song Blue Face is an energetic pop-rap song with a bouncy and catchy beat. An infectious hook is pieced together around icy verses that detail tales of drug abuse and police corruption in Bangladesh.

Listen here.

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