September 6th 2010
The New Zealand Music Hall of Fame celebrates and pays tribute to the legendary music figures that have shaped, influenced and advanced popular music in New Zealand.

The individual journeys of those honoured are a direct reflection of the changing face of our culture; who we were, who we are, and what we might become.

APRA is proud to honour The Fourmyula at the 45th Silver Scroll Awards - Wednesday 8th September at the Auckland Town Hall.

"These guys were ground breaking New Zealand songwriters who proudly penned New Zealand music for an audience that didn't believe that was possible. Not only did these songs top the charts here in the 60's but the band forged a path overseas that has been travelled regularly since by many hundreds of New Zealand bands seeking success in the UK and Europe" says APRA's Anthony Healey. "It's our absolute privilege to pay tribute to such an innovative and important group of musicians" he says.

They will join the prestigious musical honours board that includes Johnny Devlin, Jordan Luck, Ray Columbus and the Invaders, Jules and Linda Topp (The Topp Twins), Straitjacket Fits, Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns and the soon to be inducted Shihad.

The New Zealand Music Hall of Fame is produced by APRA and RIANZ to honour those New Zealander's that have impacted New Zealand life through music.

The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) collects and distributes licence fees for the public performance and communication (including broadcast) of its members' musical works. Public performances of music include music used in pubs, clubs, fitness centres, shops, cinemas, festivals, whether performed live, on CDs or played on the radio or television. Communication of music covers music used for music on hold, music accessed over the internet or used by television or radio broadcasters.

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