Arahi Unveils New Single 'My Baby's Like a Hurricane'

September 30th 2022
Rising Aotearoa artist Arahi has today unveiled the heartbreakingly real new single ‘My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’. This is the second track to be released from Arahi’s upcoming EP REVELATOR, out October 28.

Listen to ‘My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’ HERE

Beginning with a delicately lamenting acoustic guitar, the single broods as it progresses, gathering tension at each turn. Musically mirroring the depth and intensity of its subject matter, ‘My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’ is exactly that: a hurricane, with Arahi describing the song to “build as it evolves from an ominous breeze into a ‘Wizard of Oz hurricane, illustrated by soaring backing vocals and a destructive guitar solo ending the track.”

 “'My Baby's Like A Hurricane’ is about the stress and confusion intense intimate connections can often have,” says Arahi. “It explains the feeling of desperately trying to cling on to something tangible and recognisable as everything around you changes. It touches on one's internal struggle between control and acceptance - between what’s easy and what’s right. ‘My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’ is born from sadness to bitterness from anger to fear to loss and longing.”

Written over five years ago, the single has evolved and taken on many forms over the years, however all while remaining close to Arahi and more importantly, the listeners.

“This song has broken through the space between writer and listener more effectively than any other track of mine. That unique sort of ability to connect is something I have been nurturing and that will endure as my career progresses.”

My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’ follows the recently released single ‘Her Love’s Gonna Tear Me Apart’, with both tracks recorded at Roundhead Studios, mixed by Steven Marr, and mastered at KOG Studio by Chris Chetland.

Although not a household name (yet!), he has built a reputation as a bona fide artistic soul, who juxtaposes classic and contemporary sound with an eclectic, eccentric band. Always with a flair for the theatrical, he continues to push the boundaries of indie music and leaves his audience wanting more.

Dive into the music of Arahi to get excited for the outstanding upcoming EP REVELATOR; out October 28.

Listen to ‘My Baby’s Like A Hurricane’ HERE

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