Ardijah Release New Single 'Every Night'

June 14th 2019

Ardijah, the band, releases a brand new single - 'Every Night' - celebrating whanau unity and love for one another. It also happens to be the 40th year Ardijah has been around on the music scene (though what number formation they're up to they're not quite sure). They thought this the perfect opportunity to share some aroha with everyone and let you know Every Night is a good night to get on down with Ardijah.

Listen here. 

Most Kiwis and particularly Poly's who were around in the '80s and '90s know the Ardijah sound; their songs are ubiquitous features in many a playlist and party/karaoke favourites a plenty. That sound of funk, R&B, reggae and a mix-up of Polynesian rhythm, Joie de vivre (enjoyment of life) and ukulele (uke) vibrato made Ardijah uniquely "Polyfonked". So, that's the style they created - "Polyfonk".

Although 'Every Night' is a Paul McCartney cover, the second song of his they have done ('Silly Love Songs', 1999); of course it comes with their unique flavour and Polyfonk sound. Memories of 'Moonlighting' or 'Time Makes a Wine' may come flooding back to some.

In the current lineup of the band, Betty-Anne and Ryan [Captain Fonk] Monga are most recognisably the core of what makes Ardijah what it is. But, when these guys talk about whanau togetherness; they mean they've got two of their sons along for the ride too. Kaitapu Monga has been with the band for quite some time playing bass, drums and doing vocals but just recently the Monga's youngest Jesse Monga has also joined the band (in vocals and percussion).

Also along for the ride, and in fact now half-way through a national tour (the Every Night Tour) is Rico Tali (on gat, sax, uke & vocals), Michael ‘Kolo' Hansen (keyboards) and the band's dedicated travelling sound tech/front of house Peter Van Gent.

Ardijah invites you to share in their joy of music, family and aroha (sharing of oneself with others). Take a load off your shoulders and enjoy those moments you've got; that's what they say; enjoy being with that loved one just as they are, just as you are with them - maybe - Every Night...


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