Aroha Delivers Debut EP 'No More Jenga'

December 4th 2020
“No More Jenga is a low slung ride through a future cityscape, the murmurs of half remembered voices playing through our minds. Soon the track deep dives again and as dawn breaks putting balm on our worries and sounding the promise of a better day. L2K is a 130bpm clarion call to the late night ravers and the dance utopians. Deep, musical and ecstatic- this is music produced with love, a dancer’s passion and a DJ’s understanding of dance” - Christopher Tubbs (Club 121, Heads Down)

"In an industry where there's so much music that follows the same formula it's so good to hear an artist whose debut, self produced EP doesn't follow any trends, is refreshingly unique and works as well in the kitchen while cooking as it does at 4am on the dancefloor." - D​ick (Magik) Johnson

2020 has allowed me to really focus on developing my own sound and doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, release music that is authentically me and that I’m proud of. Both tracks are influenced by my life this year; the rules and restrictions, long-distance love whilst being in one of the world’s longest lockdowns, and the excitement of being reunited with friends again after a long period of solitude.” ​- AROHA

Upon high anticipation, New Zealand born and now Australian based DJ and producer AROHA cements her debut EP ‘No More Jenga’. Exploring the experimental elements of house, bass and post-dubstep, she has truly honed in on her asset in the electronic music pool. With a passion for the music, her debut EP explores more underground territories that will leave dance floors and festival crowds mesmerised. Adding her own mysterious vocals to ‘No More Jenga’ fused with melodic yet wubbed intricacies, right through to the dynamic and deep wave of space exploration in ‘L2K’, AROHA has perfected her studio output on this debut EP.

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