Asians in Music (AIM) in Partnership With Where the Asians At‽ Present: AIM: SANDBOX - Empowering a New Generation

August 9th 2022
Visionary musicians Clarissa Chai and Mia Caintic have created AIM: SANDBOX – a Pan-Asian-Kiwi (PAK) musical talent hothouse. Apply now to join their fully-funded development programme which will propel eight (8) songs from draft to a professionally mixed track.

AIM: SANDBOX is a fully funded opportunity to learn how to navigate songwriting and recording for Pan-Asian-Kiwi (PAK) bands and artists. Level up with a professionally mixed track and a live performance of your song. You’ll work with an established PAK artist who will help you finish your draft. Through a demo recording session,  we’ll help you figure out the instrumentation you’ll want in your track before bringing it for the final studio recording and mixing.

There are eight (8) spots for artists and/or bands. Applicants must whakapapa (have a sense of belonging) to Asia, and be new or emerging artists. See more details below:

APPLY NOW - here’s the link to the form:

           What is included in the AIM: SANDBOX Programme? - READ MORE

           Who can apply? - READ MORE

           To apply you will need - READ MORE

Applications close: Friday August 5th at 5 pm

Please share the Application form to all your PAK musician friends ASAP so we can help develop the next generation of hitmakers

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