Belladonna Shares Luscious Track 'Wide Awake'

October 22nd 2021
Like a blossom-scented spring morning comes Belladonna's new offering 'Wide Awake', a gentle, luscious and mood-adjusting track, curiously contemplating life's questions.
The moniker of musician and songwriter Bella Cook, Belladonna serves up a sound awash with dreamy vocals, ethereal synth and guitar, creating a sonic atmosphere that allows this pop melody to float along blissfully.

The inspiration behind the track is simple, says Bella, "Earlier this year I used to get up early before work and scribble down thoughts in a journal. I had been pondering questions that a lot of us do in our twenties, 'Will I ever know the answers to my questions', and 'how will I know if I do?' Some people seem confident in their answers, but I'm starting to take comfort in just sitting wide awake with my questions".

Stumbling upon songwriting by happy accident, Bella found herself constantly drawn into music's storytelling, lugging around a tape recorder and catching snippets of glittery melodies and frank observations of daily life. Evolving from her seedling beginnings to her artist moniker Belladonna, her observations about the quirks of life became loaded one-liners, and her biographical lyrics and hypnotic melodies became the trademark of her fun blend of indie-pop.

In 2019 she moved to Auckland to finally put music at the forefront, where she hunkered down at Parachute Studios, dipped her toes into co-writing, and began committing her quirky pop tunes to tape. She found a kindred spirit in Shannon Fowler, the brains behind alt-pop outfit Tom Lark, and with Fowler at the helm released her debut EP Salty Dog in 2020.

Her track, 'Wide Awake', will be available across all digital platforms from Friday 22nd October, 2021.
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