Bub Debut Single Release "King of Wands" 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021
As the first quarter moon rises above Tāmaki Makaurau this April 21st 2021, she sheds her light on a new amethyst rock band, Bub. Their debut single King of Wands is a song that lifts the spirit to an uncharted realm of capricious love.

The stars have aligned and brought together sagittarius; Priya Sami (Sami Sisters/ Trip Pony/ Dateline), aquarius; Alex Freer (A.C. Freazy/ Tiny Ruins), virgo; Daniel Barrett (Racing, Sherpa) and libra; Annabel Kean (Créme Jéan) to create a punchy and passionate portal into a musical world of heartbreak and indecision.

King of Wands video single will be released at 11:11 Wednesday 21st April.

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