Bye Bye Fishies Release Debut Album

April 20th 2017

Independent New Zealand musical project BYE BYE FISHIES is happy to announce the release of its debut album titled OF NO PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE accompanied by the second single HOUR GLASS.

Listen to and download the second single off the pop debut HOUR GLASS on Soundcloud.

Listen to and download the full album OF NO PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

In 2014, BYE BYE FISHIES, created by Angus McBryde, began releasing a series of novelty singles under the moniker out of a bedroom in McBryde's native Dunedin, New Zealand - notably ‘Cycle Safety' and ‘Falafel'.

By the end of 2015, the itinerant-kiwi-turned-Liverpudlian was working at Studio 2, a boutique music venue, once a recording studio graced by albums including Pulp's ‘Different Class', Elbow's ‘The Seldom Seen Kid', Bjork's ‘Homogenic' and the first three Coldplay albums.

Over the next nine months, the 10-track OF NO PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE was demoed between a Liverpool bedroom and the open roads of the European Union.

"I wrote the guitar for HOUR GLASS on a couch I was sleeping on in Cork, Ireland. I spent the next day singing it over and over while I hitchhiked to Killarney. By the time I got there I had the basis for the track."

McBryde says BYE BYE FISHIES has forgone the standard EP format for its first release.

"I had done numerous EPs with previous bands and honestly I was bored of the format. I really enjoy the 40-minute format; it can take you on an adventure. This album was written with that in mind and the result is a theatrical exploration of people, places, existentialism, millennial lethargy, love, loss, cosmic significance, self-reflection, joy & friendship."

The album was recorded in November and December 2016 in a log cabin in North Wales with McBryde's friend and producer Stefan Martin Jacobsen (KSO!, New York Gutter Rig, Oh My Bosh!, Pretty Good Yourself)

The album's release is to be celebrated with a one-night-only show on the 20th of April at Studio 2 in Liverpool - where the music of BYE BYE FISHIES will be performed with a seven-piece band fronted by McBryde.

OF NO PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE is available now on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and will be available on Spotify, iTunes and all good streaming services from next week.


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