Cameron McCurdy Announces Debut Album 'Sapathy'

July 9th 2019

Back in NZ after touring Australia & Asia with indie rock trio Blu Fish. West Auckland indie folk musician Cameron McCurdy has announced his debut album Sapathy  set for release on August 10th.


This album is three years in the making, having been finished in 2017 before a corrupted laptop ruined the files. Salvaged, glued together, and nursed back to health by McCurdy and producer Alex “Mr•O6OO” Thompson; it’s finally ready for new ears.


Sapathy sees McCurdy stepping out from behind the drum kit and launching headfirst back into the existentialist dread of his 2017 gap year. The album was written from the rooftop of McCurdy’s teenage home, staring out over the city. It tells the story of apathetic passion, caffeinated insomnia, absurd lyricism, and an inner/outward examination that lasts a single night from sunset to sunrise.


The album release gig is at Anthology K Road, featuring McCurdy’s full backing band, as well as support from Teuila Brown and Mr•O6OO. Tickets available now from Undertheradar.


Track listing: 

1.       Rooftop

2.       Pavement Wind

3.       Sap for Apathy

4.       App for Sapathy

5.       Late Night / Early Morning

6.       The City

7.       Convenient

8.       Brand New

9.       Spirited Chimp

10.   Stare at the Sun  

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