Cammy and Will McClean Join Forces on Cruisy Summer Jam ‘Band-Aid’

September 23rd 2022
Summer vibes are established from the first beat of Cammy's new single 'Band-Aid', featuring Will McClean. The track combines a Motown-esque feel with horns, and cunning cadences, held down by a live groove.


'Band-Aid’ depicts a story of a complicated romance. It's a feel-good but bittersweet track, and through Cammy's lens it's a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining, while Will McClean’s storytelling mixes up the flow.

Cammy says, “Me and Will are childhood mates, raised in the same hometown. We’ve both been coming up on this music grind together. It feels so full circle to finally share this one with the world.:" 

“I was inspired by something Pharrell Williams said on a podcast. “Chords are co-ordinance.” This means chords take you places emotionally. In the final month of production, I changed the voicings of the chords in the wobbly synth to feel more sombre. This edit flipped the emotion that was evoked into a more saudade realm.” 





With many more releases scheduled and an array of shows booked throughout Aotearoa, 2022 is looking like Cammy's best year yet.

His 2021 summer anthem ‘Okie Dokie’ has garnered over 130,000 streams on Spotify, and the smooth R&B waltz ‘Garden’ is featured on Apple Music’s A-List Pop playlist. His most recent release was the galactic dance-pop tune ‘U Threw Me’ in March 2022, which was added to Apple Music’s New in Pop playlist.

Cammy is a 23-year-old alternative pop artist born and raised in Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington, New Zealand. 

Combining elements of R&B, pop, electronic and dance, Cammy’s ideas emerge from the bridge between reality and fantasy.  

Citing The Beatles and Frank Ocean as his foremost musical influences, Cammy’sambition is for each song to be cinematic; an experience for listeners that evokes emotion.

Cammy’s songs are brought to new heights at his live shows. Accompanied by his seven-piece band, pop, funk, and electronic flavours combine to create a groove-filled performance with a modern twist. 

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