Celeste Music Set to Release Single and Video for 'A Man Who'll Satisfy Me' September 9th

August 14th 2019

Amanda studied the arts in her childhood and further developed her talents, in her 20’s. By studying dance, writing, playing and teaching her son music. She has recorded her music, for this single, choreographed and created the dance music video, all herself, being the singer/musician/choreographer/designer, which she’s really enjoyed. Using stunning local landscapes, the light of sun, the gorgeous pink sky's and golden sunsets; also featuring her dancing, the video has been created permaculturally! She writes music to inspire, soothe; herself included. By expressing her feelings about lessons and sharing these insights through song, gives her the meaning in behind her name Celeste, from the book Celestine Prophecy. 


Professionals and people have given outstanding and inspirational feedback. Like "Well done! Beautiful verses. Ethereal. Deep and from the heart! Nice vibe and original sound overall" - Jack Kearney Music. "Your voice and song was so beautiful, it will bless you and others" - Unknown. And about the video: "A brilliant piece of work, well crafted. Visually and aesthetically pleasing" - Max, Noel Leeming. "Relaxing, beautiful and meditative to watch." Ahmed, Adobe.


Release event (s) with original music will be held on 22 September 2019 @ Fire Restaurant, Mount Maunganui @ 1.00 pm & Freeport, Bayfair on 26th September @ 6.30 pm. Amanda will play 2 hours approx of Celeste Music originals. Coinciding with the Spring Equinox, aligning and celebrating, creating magical, new beginnings.


Original Celeste Music, including the single and tracks from previous albums, Love Light Passion and Inspiration, Flower Fairy Musical, can be purchased through I-Tunes, Spotify. Amazon, also has LLPI.


You can also look at Celeste Enterprises on Facebook & website....

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