Chelsea Jade Releases New Single ' Life of the Party'

April 18th 2017

Generously funded by NZ On Air, 'Life of the Party' was the first single written after a move to Los Angeles and hints toward an upcoming full length record, to be announced.

Produced by Leroy 'Big Taste' Clampitt - who is known to some as the 'Prince of Pirongia' but probably to most as the guy who produced Justin Bieber's 'Company' single - LOTP was created through the sweet haze of Fanta Studios, located directly behind a very active vape store not far from Santa Monica:

LOTP is about a kind of introversion that isn't shy but quietly oscillates between bratty arrogance and low self-esteem. It's about keeping to yourself when you're running through a spectrum of emotion and looking for a safe place to show it.

It's about never showing up in party pictures.

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