Cymbol Ft. Tali - Setting Sun

December 18th 2017
Cymbol has had a huge year of releases and playing festivals with the likes of DeadMau5. His last release for the year is Setting Sun featuring Tali. Merry Christmas.


Setting Sun is available across all platforms now. 

   "This track is something that was bounced back and forth between Tali and I after talks of collaborating on a track at a festival backstage. When Tali sent me her vocals I rebuilt the track around her and started repeating one of her phrases with the intent of echoing out the lyric ‘setting sun.' The repetitive phrase opened up space for it to create a cinematic build and reach a climax to a point where when it drops, you get goosebumps.  By the end of the song I wanted 'setting sun' to be embedded in my head, I needed it, to set myself a constant reminder to go chase my dream. I feel if it can inspire one person it would make that much of a difference"  Cymbol   

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