D Bruce Aitken & Neil Sagewood Release Through the Looking Glass

January 23rd 2023
Sydney based kiwi D Bruce Aitken releases a new album on Bandcamp with pianist Neil Sagewood.

D Bruce Aitken says:


“I first met Neil Sagewood way back in the mid to midder 70’s…. That’s the 1970’s…. I was busy forming one of the very first Fusion bands in Wellington/Lower Hutt region (NZ). And Neil answered an advert placed strategically in a music store….( Remember when that’s how you looked for new players…?)… Well it all worked out rather well, we formed Raz ( Rock & Jazz) and became great mates… writing tunes together…. Fast forward to now…. Neil and I have been writing and recording tunes for the last 2 & 1/2 years and finally we are about to release our first Album entitled Through The Looking Glass….
Improvised , jazzy, worldly experimental meanderings…. All totally live (except for the over dubs) …. We recorded either in Greenacre or The Blue Mountains… Risk taking, lots of fun, two crazy Kiwi's not afraid to see what's around the corner.... or just invent the corner...... moving forward !!! See you there !!!”


Listen and order on Bandcamp here.

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