DateMonthYear Introduces New Member Brooke Baker

August 14th 2019

Brooke joined the DMY way of doing things after a very civilised coffee and chat a few years back.

As a vastly experienced and creative musician, Brooke brings a range of vocal and instrumental sounds, and visions to the DMY palette.  

Vocals, keyboards, guitars, looping, melodica... a veritable feast of sonic options. 

The next DMY studio album will be the first to feature Brooke (after all these years of live work), and we are very keen for you all to hear her work!

Brooke also offer a substantial contribution toward the visual presentation of DMY, photography of both the group & cover art (on our previous album “pot/kettle/black") as well as heading the film work for our latest video “March” (that's the song which has been getting all of that airplay around the world, folks).

For the other parts of her life, Brooke works as an inclusive & dynamic music educator who is passionate about community music-making.

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