Death and the Maiden Announce New Album Wisteria

April 16th 2018
Death and the Maiden are back with a stunning second album "Wisteria" and it is set for an NZ/ Aus release on 27 April and a UK/ Europe and North America release on 11 May.

If there’s a theme to “Wisteria” then it may best be summed up by the line “everything is wrong around us” from the enigmatic “Oooh Baby in the Chorus”, the first track the band are sharing ahead of the album's release. It's a sign there's an even deeper undercurrent of unease evident beneath the surface of their slow-motion trance pop than the bands' eponymous 2015 debut.

You can download "Oooh Baby in the Chorus" in the format of your choice from Bandcamp here:

Or get an MP3 of the track from the pre-release E-Press kit on this HighTail link here:

Here's what Death and The Maiden say about "Wisteria" - 

"The second album from Port Chalmers, Dunedin band Death and the Maiden creates a shadowy world within a world; populated by melancholy melodic synth waves, dreamy reverb washed guitars and vocals that celebrate the excruciating beauty and crushing weight of everyday life."

The band - Lucinda King (vocals, Bass), Hope Robertson (guitar, drums, vocals) and Danny Brady (synths, programming) - create a beautiful depth of sound, nestled between the programmed beats, synth arpeggios, hypnotic guitars and a pulsing bass. 

Continuing from their eponymous debut, "Wisteria" conjures dreams of love, decay. Sounding at times wispy and ethereal, "Wisteria" also has passages of driving, pulsing cacophony; breathing life into the dreams of the dead."


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