Ded Square Release Video for 'Shimokitazawa'

March 18th 2019

Ded Square are a lo-fi pop band from New Zealand. They are Sean Molloy (vocals, guitar, drum machine) and Robbie Marmalade (back up vocals, synth).

'Shimokitazawa' is from Ded Square's new EP 'Confetti. The EP consists of three songs about being a stranger in Japan (Shimokitazawa), celebrating Christmas during a bushfire in Australia (Confetti), and being poor in Auckland, New Zealand (Dinosaur Spaghetti).

A DIY effort, Ded Square made the EP using an analogue 4-track tape recorder, drum machine and synthesizer.

The accompanying music video for Shimokitazawa was shot on 16mm film by photographer and
experimental filmmaker Natasha Cantwell.

Watch the video here.

Listen to Confetti here.

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