Die! Die! Die! Smelter EP Out Today

September 23rd 2022
The Smelter EP was recorded alongside Die! Die! Die!'s 7th album This Is Not An Island Anymore.

This collection of songs comprising the Smelter EP were selected as a stand-alone release exploring different dynamics compared to the uncompromising album.

The Smelter EP is being released as a super limited edition transparent yellow 12inch of 100 copies on the band's own record label. The EP is available here from: https://diediedie.bandcamp.com/album/smelter 


Today, Die! Die! Die! will also release a Jonas Govaerts-directed video for EP’s title track 'Smelter', made with thanks to NZ On Air. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arwcYRkYjUg&t=39s


“When DDD asked me to come up with a music video idea for their song Smelter, I was in post-production on a movie, which in my case means a lot of stress dreams… Especially about teeth falling out. I had also just started messing around with open AI programmes like DALL-E, which enables you to generate incredible nightmarish imagery just by typing in a few keywords, like ’teeth’, ‘worms’, or ‘asphalt’… With my co-director Jaak De Digitale, I set out to make the lip sync video to end all lip sync videos... Or perhaps it’s a PSA about dental hygiene gone wrong; I'm not sure. Anyway, it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to directing a straightforward performance video!” - Jonas Govaerts, Director (Welp (2014), Of Cats & Women (2007) and Color Out Of Space (2019).


To celebrate their new album This Is Not An Island Anymore and the EP Smelter Die! Die! Die! will perform on Friday 30 September at Whammy in Tāmaki Makaurau (NEW DATE) with Repairs & Swallow The Rat. Tickets are available here.


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